BREAKING NEWS: A tragedy unfolded on Coruscant when a YT-1300 Light Freighter crashed into Grand Market Avenue. The death toll is in the hundreds and even more injured. More on this report on our later broadcast.
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The rules and regulations of the holonet forums.
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No New Posts Character Registration
A place to introduce your character and what they look like.
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No New Posts NPC collection
A place that collects the basic look for every NPC listed so that people can go back and remember what they look like.
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No New Posts Core Worlds
The core worlds consist of some of the most prestigious, well-developed, well-known, least politically restrictive and heavily populated planets in the galaxy.
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No New Posts Colonies
Due to its close proximity to the galaxy’s economic and political powerhouse, the Core Worlds, the Colonies are a largely wealthy region consisting of booming industrial worlds, trade centers, and garden worlds.
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No New Posts Inner Rim
A set of worlds that prospered, though, not quite as well as the Colonies region. The colonies that live in the inner rim tend to be more reserved and independent from the government.
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No New Posts Expansion Region
A region that consists of many individual sectors. The Expansion Region is a place that not many outsiders will visit as the planets are hostile and so are the species who live there.
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No New Posts Mid Rim
With fewer natural resources—and therefore a smaller population—than many neighboring regions, the Mid Rim was a territory where residents worked hard for everything they had.
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No New Posts Hutt Space
Largely noted as being a haven to the disreputable denizens of the galaxy, it managed to avoid outright Imperial control owing to its cooperation with Imperial Coruscant.
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No New Posts Outer Rim
The largest region in the galaxy, it is home to diverse worlds and rugged, primitive frontier planets.
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Legacy (The Old Republic)
No New Posts Core Worlds
The Core Worlds includes the Republic capital-world, Coruscant, as well other heavily populated planets such as Alderaan and Corellia.
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No New Posts Seat of the Empire
The Seat of the Empire, as the name indicates, is the birthplace of the Sith Empire, Korriban, as well as the current Imperial capital-world, Dromund Kaas. Taris is also located in this sector.
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No New Posts Hutt Space
Hutt Space is the entirety of space that is controlled by the Hutt Cartel Noteworth worlds are Hutta, Nar Shaddaa, Quesh and Voss.
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No New Posts Distant Outer Rim
The Distant Outer Rim is very far away from the Core World, approximately 50,000 light-years. Noteworthy worlds in the sector are Belsavis, Hoth and Tatooine.
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No New Posts Unkown Regions
The Unknown Regions remain mostly uncharted. The world to note in the Unknown Regions is Ilum
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